Don’t be Weird… wishing a Merry Christmas is not evil

CaptureIn this, such special time of the year in which we remember our traditions, our family and we spend time reflecting about the true meaning of Christmas, the reality sometimes saddens us,  as it would seem that Christmas is just like a polar bear… on its way to extinction.

This nonsense that is taking over not just our country, but the rest of the Christian World, where it somehow “offensive” to wish someone a Merry Christmas has got to come to an end. We don’t realize the harm we are doing onto ourselves.

The fact that we cannot publicly display a Nativity with baby Jesus because somehow, somewhere, someone may feel offended…

We, as Christians, are not harming anyone or anything by doing so. We don’t force you or even ask you to pay homage to our Nativity. If you want to look at it, then do so. If you don’t feel the same we do about Jesus, then don’t. But kindly move along and let me pay homage.

If you are a non-Christian and  I wish you a Merry Christmas, you need to understand that I am not trying to convert you nor your children. And how is it that a simple wish of happiness and joy can be turned into something bad? I am not wishing you nor your family ill. I am not even wishing for a cloudy day for you. I simply wish you a happy, joyous day on the 25th of December. If that day means nothing to you, I can accept it. After all, it is my faith and not yours. But you have to admit that there is something a bit awkward about someone wishing you a happy day and you getting bent out of shape about it…

The Best Back Yard Grilling

Contribution by: David Jakubauskas, owner, Rank One


To me, grilling is almost like a religion. You have to understand that having grown up in Argentina, the land of Gauchos and best beef, I have a special relationship with beef and everything cow related. As a child in Buenos Aires, it truly was an affair that required a lot of planning by more than one person.

AsaditoMy mother would go Saturday morning to the butcher, “Don Bernabé” and secure the best looking cuts of beef. You see, butchers used to get the half carcases delivered and they would disect it with masterful skill into manageable cuts like “vacío” (flank, kinda), “asado” (short ribs), “colita de cuadril” (tri-tip), “entraña” (skirt) and so on. Then she would get some of the “other” stuff, like “chinchulin” (chitterlings), “molleja” (sweetbreads), “riñon” (kidney), sausages, and so on. And of course, chicken – for those with a lighter appetite.

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Welcome to our Updates page

DeniseAlberdiI want to personally welcome the entire family of Saint John’s to our update web page. My name is Denise Alberdi, and I will be in charge of maintaining it.

We will be posting regularly here, or as events happen to keep our community informed.

I want to thank you for reading and please don’t forget to bookmark this page for easy reference in the future.