May 2016 Bring Joy, Peace and a Closer Spiritual Relationship

2016. A leap year that brings to some people new habits, breaking of bad habits, promises…  I bet you that you will be hard-pressed to find one human being that does not have a renewed sense of HOPE with the coming of the new year

fireworks-1102887_960_720It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Scientologist. The beginning of a new year always gives people a boost of hope. Why? Because that’s simply our nature.

The challenge is to have that hope be the fuel so that those wishes can actually become a reality. So many  of us make all these wishes about the new year, but so few of us see them come true..

The new year is just an opportunity to evaluate in which direction our life is going, and perhaps redirect or at least reprioritize our goals. Yet, just as we would create our list of presents we wanted from Santa when we were kids, as adults our Santa took the shape of the Universe, the Powers at Be, God or some other higher power that will somehow grant us those wishes. We set new goals and one of these “forces” will make them happen.

The reality is that after a few weeks of months, we forget our goals in some drawer and everyday life’s problems take over. Again. Do you even remember your goals and wishes from a ear ago?

So, are New Year resolutions really that elusive? Is it really that difficult to have these things become a reality?

The reason for our goals and wishes not solidifying into tangible reality is because we ask for these things from a pure selfish stance and from the belief that something is owed to us.

We need to change that dynamic.

  1. Give. Who cares if you give three and you receive one? It’s better than not receiving any at all. Eventually it will get back to you.
  2. Forgive. You can walk around carrying a grudge or you can forgive and move on. As you let go of something negative, you are making room to be able to carry something positive.
  3. Be positive. Negative views (“half empty” type outlooks) will bring you down. You are just feeding yourself negativity! Why would you do that?

You have to spin things. Once you are able to master this in your brain, your life will do a 360. Your New Year resolutions will start coming together because your whole demeanor towards life will start to change.