Would God approve of electronic cigarettes?

There is a new trend going on everywhere: these electronic cigarettes. We have achieved another level of virtual life, this time by the consumption of nicotine in electronic fashion.

12798992_926881957425972_1788506672772066359_nThe other day I went to rent a truck for a move I needed to make, and right next to the U-haul place I saw Alpine Vape Center, a new store selling e-juice and e-cigarettes and all of the accessories. I spoke to Chris, the man that seemed to be the owner, and he gave me some interesting food for thought.

We all remember our grandparents or even our parents or at least some uncle – someone in the family had a cigarette in their hand at one point, right?

I remember – the nasty smell, the coughing, and later in time, being the outcast: that one person that had to go outside and sit in the cold to get his or her “fix”.

It was never clear to me if smoking was something that our Good Lord disapproved of…

But it was always the reason for shutting down the smokers in our lives: the fact that their vice was not only killing them… It was also seriously affecting the health of the people around them when they smoked.

Fast forward to 2016. There are these new devices out there that are battery operated and allow the user to inhale and take a “hit” of nicotine in the form of a vapor. They do not smell bad (quite the opposite, actually), they do not (allegedly) affect the health of the people around the user, but allows that person to satisfy the craving of nicotine, usually flavored with some fruity extract.

So at this point, we have to ask ourselves the following serious question: We all know excessive sugar or sodium in our diet is bad for us. And we all have that one uncle that adds salt to ANY meal, even before he tastes it, and then washes it down with two or three cans of coke…

He’s not affecting anyone around him, and we don’t make him feel like an outcast. Am I right?

The same principle applies to e-cigarettes. Sure, one may choose NOT to take nicotine, but if another person does, and that behavior doesn’t affect my health, who am I to not allow him to puff on his e-cigarette?

Does the Good Lord condemn high blood pressure and those that indulge in too much salt? NO.

Then I think no e-cigarette smoker should be banned from Heaven for that behavior, and we should not make them feel like outcasts.